Hello i am going to new zealand with my friend Nayl and i am going to document my trip let's go have some fun 

Day 1: We just arrived at hotel Wellington we are just setting up in our room the view is amazing we are going to order room serviceRésultat d’images pour welinghton hotel   


Day 2:We went to a botanic garden in the city it was beautiful the views are great here tonight we went to eat some local cuisine.

Résultat d’images pour wellington botanic                         

Day 3: today we went to the welinghton museum we saw a lot of things from the nautical world it was really interesting 

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Day 4: Today we went sightseeing up north New Zealand is truely amazing the Volcanos the mountains everything is unreal in the country side it was amazing 

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Day 5: We are starting to get used to the jet lag i am still amazed from yesterday today we are going country side we saw kiwis and danced with them lol it was really funny but anyways it was amazing the people are so nice the views are amazing and tomorrow we are going to see the hobits house OMG

Day 6: Today we are going to travel a bit to go the hobbits house OMG i can't believe it we are big fans of the movie and having a privilege to go see the actual house this is amazing when we got there we were actually crying we saw Frodo's house it was amazing 

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Day 7 : This was all great but we are going to have to say Goodbye new Zealand  Thank you for your hospitality and your good food it was amazing the views were Incredible we have our plane at 5PM we are going to get food a the aeroport it was super cool it's so nice to be able to travel will be coming back next year to maybe be doing bungee jumping.